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Essay “Let us away knights; He will rise no more.” Thomas Becket born 1118, was an influential man who learnt that one cannot come to terms with evil so he became a powerful churchman, a martyr and a saint. But unfortunately, no one becomes a saint without struggle. It originally began in 1154 when Thomas was appointed as Henry II’s chancellor, one of the most influential positions at the time and later on as the Archbishop of Canterbury, the second most influential position in medieval Europe. Thomas Becket was regarded differently throughout all medieval ages with some viewing him as a heroic, influential and a ‘Christ’ figure and others thinking of him as a rebellious, stubborn leader. As fearless as he was, Becket stood adamant in defence…show more content…
Neither his hand nor clothes indicated that he had opposed a murderer - as is often the case in human weakness; nor when stricken did he utter a word, nor did he let out a cry or a sigh, or a sign signalling any kind of pain; instead he held still the head that he had bent toward the unsheathed swords. As his body - which had been mingled with blood and brain - laid on the ground as if in prayer, he placed his soul in Abraham's bosom. Having risen above himself, without doubt, out of love for the Creator and wholly striving for celestial sweetness, he easily received whatever pain, whatever malice, the bloody murderer was able to…show more content…
This source was in the same book/biography as the first source. The source was written by the same biographer as the one above Edward Grim as he witnessed the whole event. Bias is not an issue as the text is only referring to the event and no personal info or extra opinions have been added. More importantly, the source also disapproves of the question statement and is also from the losing perspective. Reliability is also an important factor, but seeing how the author is the biographer of Thomas Becket, the source is almost certain to be reliable. The perspective displayed in this primary source also is from the male but losing perspective as the subject is being killed. This idea is also reinforced by another secondary source displayed to the

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