Third Lora Short Story

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Now nothing could remain as it once had been. The soared temperature aided by the unanimous wildlife that crept throughout the surrounding jungle. Soldiers of Third LRAR appeared laid back yet remained cautious of the surrounding wildlife. The soldiers upon arrival in the South Vietnamese province of Phuoc Tuy in an unknown village witnessed the litter of rifle parts, personal belongings and ripped clothing unevenly scattered among the village grounds. The soldiers weary after hour long patrols, rested wherever they saw fit. The soothing current of the muddy Mekong Delta attempted to acknowledge the peaceful situation. The presence of a lone twenty one year old inexperienced Anglo-Saxon soldier Robert Martin, heels up on the balcony of an abandoned hut, rested with frustration upon the lack of action. The youth desired action in contrast to the…show more content…
On one hand, his duties as a soldier demanded full allegiance to his country, to disregard the cost of others including the innocent to achieve the bigger goal. Martin was reminded of his experience with the Veteran from earlier. On the other hand, this child was alone, forgotten, abandoned. Martin’s thoughts tugged at his conscience for the sake of the child, his thoughts on his family. “Either that or this is obviously a trap” added the Veteran. “Remember your duties as a soldier!” exclaimed Banjori before abandoning the Private as he headed towards the direction of the village. Martin’s mind once again evaluated the situation, before his decision came. Banjori was in the right. How could he abandon his duties as a soldier in a country he hardly even knew. What consequences would he face if he accepted the responsibilities of the child? Would he get defamed by his commanding officer or worse? Martin’s decision further reasoned that the setup was a trap. The NVA had probably wired the child to act upon his conscience only to kill him the very moment the Private acted upon

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