Third Battle Of Neuilly Essay

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The Third Battle of Picardy was also known as the battle of Allied Amiens Offensive was a decisive battle. Between 8th August and 3rd September 1918, there was an attack against the Germans by the by the 11 British divisions and the French Army. The Canadian forces also did help in the attack with the center sector. The Allied had 435 tanks that was used in the attack against the Germans. The British and French divisions caught the Germans by surprise by their swift advance during the battle. Also, the Battle of Vittorio Veneto was fought during the Italian Campaign of World War one and it was between 24 October and 3 November 1918, near Vittorio Veneto. There was victory at the Italian Front, which made the Austro-Hungarian Empire…show more content…
On Nov 27, 1919 the treaty was signed, at Neuilly-sur-Seine which is near Paris but it became effective on Aug 9, 1920. The treaty of Neuilly was one of the basis treaty of Versailles-Washington system. According to the Neuilly treaty, the Bulgaria was to surrender it four regions, with a total of 2,566 square kilometers in area. This includes the cities of Tsaribrod, Bosilegrad, and Strumica. Bulgaria also lost the western Thrace which was 8,500 square kilometers and with it access to the Aegean Sea. The western Thrace was to be controlled under the Great Britain, Italy, France, the USA, and Japan. Bulgaria were to pay an amount of 2.25 billion gold francs. Treaty of Neuilly restricted Bulgaria military to be reduce to 20,000 men which comprises of the frontier guard, and gendarmerie. Great Britain, France, and Italy representatives were to control the Bulgarians economy and finances. But the Treaty of Neuilly was not effective again after World War II which was between 1939 to 1945. The treaty of Sykes Picot agreement, was also known as the Asia Minor agreement. On 16 May 1916 the treaty was signed and it was a secret

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