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Think Like A Freak The authors of Think Like A Freak, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (2014), have made point that can help in any field. One point is that no matter the way you explain things people are still going to go against to what is said, even if there is evidence. Another point is that admitting that you do not know something can be a good thing, as long as you try and figure out what it is that you do not know. A third point is that there will be obstacles that will try and stop you from doing what you want, but are you going to stop or keep going? The last point is what causes the main problem might not be what you thought or wanted it to be. Both authors make good point that could convince others to see their views. The first point that Levitt and Dubner make is that there will be controversy with all theories and ideas. An example of this is when they go and talk to David Cameron, the soon to be prime minister at the time. They told him that health insurance is a big economical problem in the UK because the citizens pay close to zero when they are seen by a doctor. This makes the…show more content…
An example that they used was the soccer player in the first chapter. Levitt and Dubner (2014) claim that we do pretend to know because we do not want to seem stupid. We have a fear of looking bad when we do not know something that causes us to pretend to know. This statement is both persuasive and true, because it no one likes to not know something. Especially if it seems that everyone else knows. This can be tied to psychology because we want to know more about the behavior and how the mind works. This can also be used to when we want to find ways to help others with mental illnesses or any other illness. The “I don’t know” helps motivate people to find ways to solve a

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