Thesis About Gum Socialization

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Do you want some gum? Socialization between humans is a process that is learned at a very young age and with time each individual polishes and improves the way they interact. This is Vital in order to adapt, move forward, and succeed within society. A vast majority of people have no problems or difficulties when it comes to socializing. As we grow up, we learn, we practice, and we come to realize that socializing is not much of a big deal. And soon overcome shyness or any other fears before publicly speaking. Others like myself get jittery and anxious at the thought of having to open ones Mouth and emitting words. When it comes to making friends, it is not the simplest of tasks but, as I have matured and learned over the years, I have developed a few steps to friend making that can be useful…show more content…
I just simply carry gum, preferably a gum that has a minty flavor. Why minty? Because when I first started trying out the gum luring experiment. I would offer the piece of gum and the person would ask what flavor I had and right before I would check the cover of the pack of gum and extended my arm to hand over the piece, they would say no thank you. I saw the facial expressions that people I offered gum to would make once they saw it was a fruit flavored pack of gum, So I just assumed people were not very fond of these flavors. Therefore, I opted to try mint flavored gum and all of a sudden people were accepting my offer. After I handed the piece of gum a conversation bloomed from there. I always try to go for a general subject that will not offend people, something the grand majority of people like and enjoy. Topics like food, hobbies and likes. At one time in my life I was going to pursue a career in photography. I was accepted at an art school and won first place they're photo contest for a scholarship against the whole state of Florida. I attended to my first time ever orientation at the school. We were about fifty soon-to-be students. As

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