Therapeutic E-Therapy In The Health Profession

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Therapy is one of the most vital measures that’s needed when it comes to the health profession. It can improve our bodies, health, and even our minds. However, there are various types of therapy in the health profession. If we injured any part of our body, we will need to seek a form of treatment to help aid us with that injury. Despite the type of injury that occurs, a form of therapy follows. A type of therapeutic relief is needed for an individual to recover from a condition. Aside from the body receiving therapy due to sustaining an injury, the mind also can require a type of ‘maintenance’ from time to time. As Johann Weyer once stated “If the body can get sick, so can the mind”, for even our mind will need therapeutic healing just like…show more content…
The clients can determine which types of e-therapy to choose from whether e-mail therapy, visual therapy, and virtual support groups each source of therapy is intended to help aid the client in their well-being. With the advancement and more technological approach to therapy, can we say this is the best result for the client? And is this new type of therapy more capable and reliable in treating clients than peer to peer sessions? Each e-therapy possesses a different type of response from different types of clients. E-mail therapy is an online service where therapists invite people to e-mail any questions or concerns they might have for the price $2 to $3 per minute. Although this type of therapy may appear to be a good thing especially if a client may have a type of agoraphobia disorder, it can’t guarantee the therapist on the other end of the e-mail is certified or not. When it comes to convenience the visual e-therapy would be the best fit for a client because it allows a client to book an appointment and connect virtually with a therapist using a webcam from the comfort of their home. Again, this type of method can be useful for a client that is either too busy or has an inability to leave their

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