How Did Alice Paul Become President During The Progressive Era

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Alice Paul Alice Paul was born into a quaker family. She spent two years with the National American Woman Suffrage Association then decided to branch off and found the National Woman’s party in 1916. She was imprisoned for protesting with picket signs for women's right to vote, outside the White House. At this time women didn't have as equal rights as men, such as not having the right to vote. Because of women like Alice Paul the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920. In Summary During this time many advances were made in science, technology, economic productivity, mass communication, health and living standards. It was a response to the problems of industrialization in America. During the Progressive Era Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909), William Howard Taft…show more content…
His "Square Deal" addressed his biggest concerns-control of corporations, consumer protection, and conservation (The three 3's). With corporations he sided with the workers that were on a strike vs. the government. Also after Sinclair exposed the honors of food packaging, Roosevelt hired private investigators to look into Chicago meat packing companies. He convinced Congress to pass the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. Because of Roosevelt's love of nature, he urged Congress to the Newland's Act of 1902. The government was allowed to sell lands public desert lands in western states and set aside the earnings to irrigation projects. Social Violence was a social problem during the Progressive Era. At night, city streets were dangerous because of gangs. Police would let immigrants sleep in the station houses to avoid be potentially attacked or hurt in the streets at night. Even young boys would join neighborhood gangs for safety. Police forces kept watch over neighborhoods to help this problem. The invention of the electric streetlight aided them in the dark at night.

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