Pat Tillman Alternate Ending

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New Ending The alternate ending, Pat Tillman clears out the Taliban headquarters alone, in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s set out a bounty on Tillman to be killed. Sergeant Baker gives Pat a promotion and Pat is noticed by the upper ranks in the Special Forces. They send him on a mission to take out a high priority target, his unit and brother are with him. While they are sneaking around buildings in the blazing heat with the sun slowly going down, they are ambushed by the Taliban’s. Pat’s unit attempts to hold down their territory, remembering the techniques there sergeant had taught them. They managed to get to a small shack away from the enemy. The small shack happened to be the Taliban’s hidden intelligence center. This provided them with information in order to take out…show more content…
As they wait until the sun sets, the unit talks about their life stories to one another. Once the sun went down, they could finally move out to find their enemy. Giving signals to one another without talking is one of the main tactics for Special Forces. While walking up stairs outside the building moving to the top of the shack, Pat spots the subject in a large building looking out the window. Sergeant Baker tells him to take the shot if he has it. As Pat controls his breathing, he takes the shot. The target falls over, the unit does a silent cheer. In the flash of a moment Taliban’s are surrounding them in every position. Kevin calls in for a helicopter and airstrike hoping to distract the enemies, the unit is low on ammo. Ten minutes later the airstrike arrives, they began running out of the Taliban community hoping to get away. Sergeant Baker, while running gets pierced by a bullet through his lower leg. His adrenaline kicks in and they manage to make it on the helicopter. Once the unit arrives back at Special Forces headquarters, they are recognized and promoted. They receive two years off duty and are able to return to

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