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The first humans known to have inhabited Sweden dates back to 8000 B.C., after the Ice Age when temperatures had started to warm up. The Swedes were hunters and fisherman who lived close to the ocean. In about 4000 B.C, farming was introduced to Sweden and they had become very knowledgeable in Agriculture. During the Bronze Age in 2000 B.C., they became quite skillful in using bronze to shape tools and carvings. In the Iron Age, that took place in 500 B.C., The Swedes had established relations with the Romans and started trade. During this Age, they trade fur, slaves, and amber for Mediterranean luxuries. In the 9th Century, the Swedes had advanced in the development of their ships, allowing them to travel long distances for trade. They traveled along the Baltic Sea to trade with numerous Romans. The Swedes had traveled as far as the Byzantine Empire. Their ability to travel and trade caused an increase in merchants and artisans, for the demand, for goods increased. Slavery was a huge part in their trade for goods. The Swedes had gone as far as the Arab kingdoms to trade. Sweden’s history is rich in information, but what I have provided is to give you a basic understanding of where the history first started and what the first inhabitants were like.…show more content…
They are people who are more willing to hear what other’s have to say rather than having ensuring their voice is heard. When they speak, they are generally calm and are not ones to raise their voice. It is very rare for Swedes to raise their voice or show strong emotions of anger in public. “Behaviours in Sweden are strongly balanced towards ‘lagom’ or, ‘everything in moderation’. Excess, flashiness and boasting are abhorred in Sweden and individuals strive towards the middle way.”

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