The Stanford Prison Experiment: Unfair Balance

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Unfair Balance A fair theme that is identified best in Marquez’s The Most Handsome Man and The Stanford Prison Experiment is power struggle. In the story, the power struggle is between the men of the village and Esteban. In the experiment, the power struggle is between the prisoners and the guards. In both the story and experiment, the participants and characters realize they are losing power while the higher authority controls all the power even though in the experiment power is eventually lost at a point and in the story power is continued to be used. In the Stanford Prison Experiment, the higher authority remains with the power over the prisoners. The guards have that privilege because of their uniform and task. The uniform automatically…show more content…
His identity changes by the way he demands the prisoners. In a similar way, the story of the drowned man tells about a man Jones 2 who eventually carries the power throughout a village. This man, Esteban, carries this power because he is handsome and wellbuilt. The people of the village, chiefly the women, adore this man. The women of the village believe that he gives a positive energy throughout the village and brings great spirit to them. This quote shows how the power of the authority changes the environment of the village and actions of the villagers. This connects with Dave Eshleman’s actions towards the prisoners. In the story and the experiment, power struggle remains consistent. For example in the story, the men begin to loose their capability when Esteban arrives. When Esteban arrives to the village, the women focus more on the drowned man their own husbands. This is because of Esteban’s attractiveness and strength. The men begin to get frustrated when they realize what their women are focusing more on. Likewise, the experiment displays how the prisoners begin to loose power. An example is when a man from the college, Doug…show more content…
In the experiment, power is eventually lost when the experiment comes to an end. Since it was just an experiment, prisoners are set free after 6 days. The guards at one point are face to face with the men who were the prisoners of the experiment to discuss each perspective. However in the story, power that Esteban carries remains with him.. The spirit of Esteban still lies in the village. The appearance of the drowned man affected the villagers dramatically. Esteban changed their lives forever and how the villagers will continue to live their lives which is with a improved household. After setting Esteban free, the villagers still continue to live with that spirit and welcome Esteban back if he wants to join them again. Power struggle is portrayed throughout both the story and experiment. In the story, power struggle is between the men of the villagers and Esteban. The power struggle remains between them because the men realize that the women are focusing more on Esteban because of his beauty and clout. In the experiment, the power struggle is held between the prisoners and guards. The prisoners struggle to realize that the guards have the power. It’s hard for them also because

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