The Similarities Between Political Parties And Special Interest Groups

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In today’s democracy, both political parties and special interest groups have prominent participation in the political process and major roles in the government. They are spoken and heard about constantly, especially during major elections like the presidential elections. Therefore, they do have various similar characteristics. There are three major properties that the political parties and special interest groups have in common. First, both consist of organized groups of people ambitiously working toward particular goals in the government. Second, they both do promote politicians during elections. Therefore, they endorse and support particular people in their running for office. Thirdly, they must raise currency in order to accomplish their certain ambitions. Therefore,…show more content…
They do this by supporting candidates that are running in the election and helping them win elections through advertisement and fundraising. For instance, the Republican Party supporting John McCain for President and Sarah Palin as Vice President in the 2008 Presidential Election. The Republic party, a specific political party, supported these political candidates because they agreed with several of their opinions, and they wished to have political control through them. The Republican Party helped John McCain gain votes by the excessive advertising and fundraising they conducted. Furthermore, the political parties have official opinions on a wide mixture of issues; however, these are liable to change. A political party can be more internally flexible than special interest parties have the capacity to be. For instance, a political party's individuals mostly have comparable perspectives, yet not all of the members of a specific political party will concur on every issue. The Republican Party had this certain issue in 2013 with Gay marriage. There were people who were far more conservative when it came to same-sex marriage than others who were getting closer to supporting gay

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