The Pros And Cons Of The Keystone Pipeline

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The Keystone Pipeline has been a pretty popular debate in news headlines. People in America are stumped as to whether or not the US should go through with building an expansion on the Keystone Pipeline as it may be bad for the environment, whether or not it will create permanent jobs, and will it help our economy thrive if the United States goes through with it. The Keystone XL Pipeline is an oil pipeline expansion that would run through Canada and all the way down through the United States. This will allow the United States to use Canadian oil instead of having to purchase oil from the middle east, which can be quite expensive. Many people are very unsure about the Keystone Pipeline expansion since many have heard bad things about it. Research…show more content…
This was a big issue environmentalists had about the pipeline, but scientists worked on a way to try and make everyone happy. TransCanada stated on their website, “Keystone XL Pipeline will be the newest and most technologically-advanced pipeline built in the United States to date. TransCanada has voluntarily agreed to incorporate 57 special safety conditions into the design and construction of Keystone XL, including a higher number of remote-controlled shutoff valves, increased pipeline inspections, burying the pipe deeper in the ground and using thicker steel pipe at river crossings.” I know many people are afraid this will really harm our environment, but I believe with the technology we have today, we can make this work and still protect our earth. Also, as long as people are doing their part/job to insure the safety of our environment when it comes to the pipeline, then I do not see why this could not work. “Full development of the oil sands could support more than 500,000 additional jobs in the U.S. by 2035.”, which was stated on the website API (The official Keystone XL Pipeline website). Unfortunately, they do not list what those 500,000 potential jobs could be, but I do believe by expanding on the Keystone Pipeline a lot of permanent jobs will be made. Before, we were giving the middle

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