The Pros And Cons Of Science Fiction As A Dilemma

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Science fiction as a Dilemma The recent discussion of science fiction criticism, a controversial issue, has been whether there’s a specific definition of science fiction. On the one hand, some argue that the definition of science fiction is defined as having more of a Damien Broderick definition, where science fiction is meant to have a theme that has any of the clichè; advanced technology, aliens, time travel, etc. This perspective it includes a lot of what science fiction is today. On the other hand, Gary Westfahl argues that science fiction is whatever is labeled as “science fiction” either explicitly or implicitly as a narrative, that has scientific facts, or depicts something that doesn’t exist in the time it was written.…show more content…
In my own opinion, there should be a definition that’s neither too complex nor too specific or it will exclude some pieces of science fiction. Though I conclude that defining science fiction is complicated, I still maintain that science fiction should not just be labeled as such. Damien Broderick’s interpretation of science fiction is a definition to which most science fiction can fall under. In the words of Damien Broderick, one of the views main proponents, “ Sf is that specifies of storytelling native to a culture undergoing the epistemic changes implicated in the rise and supersession of Technical-industrial modes of production, distribution, consumption and disposal...” (Roberts, 11). According to this view Suvinian’s definition is elaborated further on his cognitive concept; this is an alternate yet recognizable idea that can help to achieve the concept so it’s not just fictional. For example, what science fiction was for the time that the author wrote their science fiction piece may have been science fiction for that time period. Take the “Sentinel,” it may not

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