The Pros And Cons Of President Ulysses S. Grant

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President Ulysses S. Grant was put into office during one of the most difficult times in American history. The Civil War just ended and the country desperately needed to rebuild and come back together as one whole country. President Grant’s idea was that he would surround himself with people he trusted from the past in his military days. Grant ran his cabinet as if he was still in the military, this allowed many scandals to occur during his two term presidency. Some of these major scandals were Black Friday and the Whiskey Ring. Grant was not responsible for all these mistakes due to the fact that he could not control how congress and members of his cabinet were doing. The only bad thing that Grant did was trust the wrong people. When President…show more content…
With Corbin’s help, he convinced Grant to assign General Butterfield as assistant Treasurer of the government. Butterfield agreed to help Gould and Fisk by telling them when the government was going to sell gold. Gould and Fisk both had the plan of cornering the gold market by buying as much gold as they could. This caused the gold prices to skyrocket. When Grant had heard of the prices jumping so high he sold $4 million dollars’ worth of government gold. This caused the economy to plummet. Many investors were financially harmed and they blamed President Grant for playing with the market. Grant being the gullible man that he was believed Fisk, Gould, and Corbin were actually trying to help the farmers sell their crops. If Grant wasn’t easily persuaded by the rich as he was, all the scandals wouldn’t have happened. He never did anything for the money. Grant only wanted to do the best he could for the…show more content…
He ran the country as if it was a giant army. “A general commands by giving orders, the president functions by tact, diplomacy, and persuasion. Orders have to be obeyed, good soldiers can easily be spotted. But politicians cannot be ordered around, and it is not so easy to find out which one is trustworthy, which one is reliable; thus Grant had a hard time in the presidency.” (Stefan Lorant, The Glorious Burden). This basically explains how Grant ran the country. He only trusted the rich and never could tell who were bad and who were trustful. Grant was a great general and should have stuck to what he was great at. An example of his military running of the country, President Grant sent military troops to help state militias and attacked the Ku Klux Klan so they wouldn’t scare the black voters from

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