Stephanie Chappell Disbrow Case Study

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1. Stephanie Chappell Disbrow: AIRS Certification Recruiting professional Stephanie Chappell Disbrow has found the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) Certification invaluable to her career. Over the last 15 years of her recruiting and talent acquisition focus, she has used the principles and ideas promoted by AIRS to locate and connect the best possible candidates to the jobs hiring within the medical and technology fields. 2. Stephanie Chappell Disbrow: CTAS for Better Succes Stephanie Chappell Disbrow, a leading talent acquisition specialist in the Southeast, understands the importance of an effective Call to Action (CTA). In the fast paced world of virtual scouting, future employees need to be enticed about their job opportunity,…show more content…
Her success in finding the most talented new hires earned her recognition on the East Coast Top Ten list of recruiters, with an individual spread of fifteen thousand dollars. 6. Stephanie Chappell Disbrow: Continuing Education for Enhanced Opportunities As Stephanie Chappell Disbrow can tell us, finding career growth and success is much easier when a person continues their education. She has done just that, through 15 years of additional training and certifications. Always one to focus on self improvement, she has attended over eleven different courses, seminars, and certification classes with the nation's top industry leaders in recruitment. 7. Stephanie Chappell Disbrow: Her Important Job at Home While her career as a talent acquisition specialist is very important to her, Stephanie Chappell Disbrow has another job that is even more fulfilling. As a mother of school aged children, she always makes the time to stay involved in her children's lives. From the typical duties of chaperone and chauffeur, she can also be found at her children's school, volunteering her time and effort to bettering their…show more content…
Receiving this certification allowed her to increase her productivity and performance, learn to reach a broader range of candidates, and create job listings that drew the correct attention. This special certification has been a key to her continued prosperity. 9. Stephanie Chappell Disbrow: Client Retention Strategies In the business of talent acquisition, Stephanie Chappell Disbrow understands that retaining clients is paramount for a fully functioning company. To enforce the principles of client retention, she treats each prospect with the correct respect and consistency they deserve. Other strategies she uses include excellent communication, above average relationship building and care, and keeping the client as comfortable as possible through the offering of convenient choices. 10. Stephanie Chappell Disbrow: Employing Proper Time Management Time management is an area where Stephanie Chappell Disbrow really exceeds. Through her many years of professional service, she has learned that success is only possible if a person can learn to manage their time correctly, and stop sabotaging themselves with excuses. By dividing her time appropriately between actions, thoughts, and conversations, she has created a career that is beyond

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