The Pros And Cons Of Attrition

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Timing is everything You need to remember that there is something called being too early when you negotiate and too late as well. Hence, the timing of your articulation forms the basis for a successful negotiation. For example, if you start your demands early on in the hiring process, the prospective employer might stall the process or even put a stop to your hiring. On the other hand, if you put forward your demands as you are about to join the firm, there is precious little anyone can do about your demands. Hence, you should have a sharp eye for when you ought to convey your requests. The three aspects of having a plan, conveying the need and after that planning it so as to infer most extreme preferred standpoint are basic to the negotiation…show more content…
Attrition can be voluntary and involuntary, where the previous is the employees stopping the organization out of his or her own particular volition and the last is the company asking the employee to quit for various reasons going from non-execution to infringement of guidelines and directions. In this article, we consider the deliberate weakening and the linkage between deficient pay and steady loss. Low Compensation and Attrition The exit interviews conducted by the HR professionals to ascertain the reasons behind an employee’s exit usually reveal that low compensation is a major factor behind the employee’s decision to quit the company. Research into the phenomenon of attrition has found that many employees (especially at the passage and the center management levels) leave organizations since they have been offered better pay at another organization. Then again, the senior management work force stopped to take up testing parts that compensation well and also gives self completing drives to…show more content…
It was also pointed out that the gap between the compensation of the CEO’s and the lower most employee was in the ratio of 300: 1 for companies like GE (General Electric) and GM (General Motors) where the CEO’s of these companies raked in Millions of Dollars of compensation when compared to the employees who were barely making five digit salaries. This has spurred a debate over the efficacy of paying executives so much when the end result is not commensurate with the

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