The Pearl Greed

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What would you do if you hit the jackpot on the lottery and were given five million dollars? Would you be blinded by the money and like the majority people spend the money quickly? In The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, this possibility has happened, except Kino’s family had discovered the pearl of the world. They found the valued pearl, but didn’t prefer to be cheated of its value by selling to it to the pearl buyers, therefore they took their time selling it. However, there was less time for hope, as they took longer to sell it they had to deal with multiple possession and corruption issues. In the beginning, both Juana and Kino believe that there is hope for their family in the pearl. After Kino returns from finding the pearl, Juana and Kino talk a lot about their desires for the future. After a while Juan Tómas asks, “What will you do now that you have become a rich man,” (24). Kino and Juana respond, “ We will be married in the church,” (24) as well as, “We will have new clothes,” (24) and, “My son will go to school,” (24). Kino and Juana hope there will be much joy in their future, now that they have the pearl of the world. On the other hand, Juana can…show more content…
In the beginning, Kino was thankful and grateful for all of his surroundings, but by the resolution he was tensed up and was suspicious of everybody and everything. Juana states, after Kino has killed a man, “Kino,” she said huskily, “I am afraid. A man can be killed. Let us throw the pearl back into the sea,” (57). This quote represents how Kino has turned into a whole new tense being, shown by his first impulse to fight over flight. Although, Juana hasn’t been fazed by the pearl’s wealth, all she craved from it was a joyful future and that never came, now she wants the pearl gone. In spite of Kino’s corruption, Juana still loves Kino so much to stay and support him the entire

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