The Once And Future King Essay

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A major theme in this book is the controversy between the good and evils of war. During this book T.H. White, the author of The Once and Future King, portrays his views through the character of Merlyn. The opposite side is shown throughout all the different animals and past rulers. Since Merlyn already knows what is going to happen, he is the best suited to teach Arthur how to be a king. The most significant concept Merlyn teaches Arthur is to use “Might only for Right” and not just to use power to get something desired. Merlyn’s persuit of molding Arthur into a good and respectable king does not come easy. Merlyn thinks that the best way to learn is by experiencing real life examples. That is how he chooses teach Arthur all his views on life. One of the major things that is tought is that Might is only for right, but the problem is that everyone goes by the motto that Might is Right. He thinks that people should only fight when they have to, not just to conquer more land. The more they have to fight the more common people die, Arthur did not think of that because everyone he converses with is in the upper class. The Lords think of a battle as a game and do not think of all the comoners that are dying…show more content…
The last thing Merlyn does to help Arthur, is letting Arthur win the two battles against the Gaels. At first Arthur does not know why, due to the fact that Merlyn is against fighting. Merlyn did this to give Arthur some respect to the other people. Once he had respect he was able to start changing things for the better. The first thing he did was change to order of chivelry, to be “Might only for Right”. This is when Merlyn knew the had succeded in his live. One other thing Arthur did was he mad the knights of the round table. He did this so there would be on jelousy between the other knights with whom would sit at the heads of the table. Merlyn had definatly changed Arthur for the
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