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A black and white picture of a family of five is seen in a dark room. The picture is in a cracked frame. The sound of someone skipping in the distance, and the skipping grows louder and louder. JUSTINE (age 5) skips on screen. As Justine moves through out the frame she has an essence of light glowing off of her. She lights up and brings color to whatever space she occupies. She stops in center frame and turns to face the portrait. There is a crayon in her left hand. Justine is in the middle of a living room floor, while coloring on a piece of paper. She is surrounded by crayons. The living room furniture is outlined in black, but the space on the floor Justine occupies is illuminated with color. NARRATOR (an omniscient voice) beings to introduce Justine to the audience. The Narrator explains to the audience Justine’s existence has influenced the life and structure of the family she was born into. The Narrator describes how before Justine’s birth her mother’s family was broken. Her mother’s parents were divorced, and dating various people. The narrator also, describes how Justine’s mother and her siblings were slowly growing apart. While the Narrator is describing mother’s family turmoil, the images Justine was drawing on the piece of paper are animated in respect…show more content…
The Narrator continues the story of Justine’s family before her arrival. The images in the picture book depict how Justine’s mother and father met, and how they were confused and scared about the announcement of her arrival. The Narrator continues in describing the controversy amongst the soon to be grandparents of Justine. While the Narrator describes these events, the picture book continues to depict these events. Next, the Narrator describes how while the adults were concerned over the announcement of Justine, that her mother and father found support amongst her mother’s almost estranged

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