The Mother Poem Analysis

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Mother’s Love A mother is often considered a woman in relation to a child to whom she has given birth. Mother’s tend to be the most influential figure in their child’s life through birth to adulthood. The strong bond that develops as the child ages is generally a forever lasting one. In “The Mother,” written by Gwendolyn Brooks, a woman describes her unforgettable memories of her abortions that leave an emotional burden, but she still does not regret her choice. In “Mothers,” by Nikki Giovanni, a daughter reflects on how influential her mother was throughout her childhood and the lessons she learned from her even though the memories are blurred. Both of these poems are on opposite ends of the spectrum of being a mother. However, each author…show more content…
The memories created together between the mother and daughter are forever lasting memories, even if the child is never born. The tone of each poem is different, but each has a strong effect on the expression of the poem. Brooks using heartbreaking and blunt tone to show how the emotional burden makes her question her decision, but she enforces it by her pure honesty. Giovanni uses joyful and reminiscent language to depict how influential her mother was throughout her life even though she may not remember everything. The imagery used in both poems shows the memories each speaker underwent to enhance their reasoning. Brooks used it to show the evolution of the fetus that she would never get to nurture. Giovanni used imagery to show the precious memories she shared with her mother that she does not forget. Lastly, the author uses main points to show the lesson they learned reflecting back on their decisions. Brooks used the main point to show how much of an effect they had on her life still in the present, but is unregretful. Whereas, Giovanni used the main point to show how severe a mother and daughter’s relationship is and the morals one will learn. Overall, both authors use tone, imagery, and main points to express how lasting a mother has on her
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