The Legend Of Edward Kenway's Treasure Island

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Treasure Island Boom! Boom! Capt. de La Francis shouted, “Jump ship, it's about to blow!” Adewale was standing on the shore horrified by the burning site and was wondering about his captains welfare. Then, “Boom!” the explosion had knocked Adewale back. After that everything was a blur. Twelve hours earlier, “Adewale when shall we reach Elysium, for Kenway’s treasure is there and we must make it before the Brits do.” “We will make it in bout a half day captain .” replied Adewale. Little did Capt. de La Francis know was that the French were also on their way to find Edward Kenway’s treasure also. He had previous dealings with them and all of those times he had double crossed them. He had also double crossed the British,and the Spanish, and they all had something in common they wanted Capt. William de La Francis dead. So they sent a French commander by the name of Napoleon du Bois .…show more content…
You have been very helpful.” replied Capt de La Francis. Then the lookout on top on the boat had shouted,”ship, ship, ship.” Capt. de La Francis shouted “Everyone man your guns” and then “Boom” a cannon had been shot and hit the water then several more had been fired and all missed because they weren’t aimed at the Jackdaw, Capt. Williams ship, they were aimed at another ship, an English one. There was battle going on between English and Spanish ships they were after the treasure island too. Capt. de La Francis had tried to avoid the confrontation, but the English and Spanish had seen him and flag he was bearing, a pirate one,and opened fire at him. His ship was faster than theirs so he was able to escape in the nick of

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