The Kite Runner: Culture And Community Influences

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Thesis: The heavy influence culture and community have on people is a large portion of their identity because people are easily altered by outside influence from their origin or heritage. Someone who is greatly impacted in the novel, The Kite Runner, is Amir. He shows throughout the first half of the story that he does not have a firm grasp on what the expectations are for him as a person which remarkably affect him negatively. He has to make decisions such as standing up for his brother, Hassan, whom he thinks is inferior because Amir thinks that Pashtuns are superior to Hazaras, but he does not protect him from being raped because of this “knowledge” that he thinks is culturally correct. Cultural and outside control have portrayed to him…show more content…
Applying this idea to the presentations, Jake’s was one that seemed to stand out and be very applicable to this statement. Since he created a decrepit style of camera, it shows that his love for acting and entertainment has come completely from outside influence. Entertainment is a facade of reality that many people want to pursue because it appears to be interesting and enjoyable to them when in reality, it is actually a very difficult and time-consuming job. I selected his presentation because it portrayed the fact that people can be very easily influenced by the community which creates their personality, such as where his personality is fundamentally based on acting and entertainment. Relating the two examples, there is an obvious and a not-so-obvious idea being applied here. The obvious being that they are both influenced by outside factors. The not-so-obvious is that regardless of who the person is,…show more content…
This can be applied to my presentation because I selected something that most others probably would not. My artifact is a scale that balanced a soccer ball which represents sports and a calculator which represents my edcuation and it is all balanced by me. The initial thought here might be that most people focus on sports and school, but my case is different because for a long time I did not want to pursue sports or school; I wanted to become a car designer or builder. After I told my parents that, they were not happy and signed me up for many sports and punished me for having a bad report card. That was what made me begin to focus on school and sports because I did not really have an option. Since I had been so easily impacted by my parents, I realize now that I was influenced because of my culture and community, which is why I identify as a student-athlete now. This shows that people can be and are changed so much after they are born because of communal and cultural pressure. This is almost a direct correlation with the novel, The Joy Luck Club, because the two main daughters, Waverly and June, have cultural pressure from their mothers to aspire things that they find pleasurable at first, but then soon hate it because of the way their mothers treat them with these extracurriculars. This is relatable to me because I found school

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