Acceptance In John Lewis March Book One

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In life many struggles are faced, a common struggle is acceptance. We struggle with accepting ourselves, or others that differ or disagree from us. The value and actions of self-acceptance and acceptance of others is continually expressed throughout March Book One, by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. These concepts of acceptance highlight the value of self-acceptance and how it can be achieved, and the struggle of accepting others. Self-acceptance and the advantages that come from finding it was shown through John Lewis’ past. As a child, John Lewis describes himself in a way that makes others perceive him as being a little odd, especially with the talking to, the burying of, and giving baptisms to chickens (pp. 23-45). Although it was odd, he continued…show more content…
50-53). His self-acceptance set him on his path of standing up for what he believes in and never settling. Self-acceptance can be learned by finding a passion. For example, John Lewis found his passion through school and hearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talking on the radio, which led him further indentitfying with his true self (p. 55). John Lewis showed an ideal example of self-acceptance, he also showed the value of acceptance of others through his passion and beliefs. From the beginning, March Book One illustrated that John Lewis sees individuals, not a group, at least with his own chickens, which he could identify by their personality and looks (p. 23). Although with other chickens, he had no qualms about slaughtering or eating them (p. 45). This alludes to the struggle of accepting others, we accept the people that we know, they get an exempt from the stereotypes and

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