The Importance Of Online Social Network

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Online social network are currently one of the most popular Internet activities among the upcoming generation. Online social network services were changed the communicate way to each other’s, entertained and actually live. In past few years, social networks have undergone with a dramatic changes which make people have become more avid internet users. From those changes more than two third of the global population were visit and actively involved in social networks, confirming its worldwide popularity. There are so many social network were continuously impressed by the young generation such as Instagram, Viber, Line, WeChat, Swarm and the list go on. From the list, Facebook and Whatsapp which are the two most popular social networks in worldwide.…show more content…
In pursing time, WhatsApp becomes more popular day by day due to its better performance than Facebook. This is because Whatsapp more convenience to sharing of images, videos, messages and last status than Facebook. It’s being a turning point Facebook has acquired mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion. Facebook have pay out $4 billion in cash, about $12 million in Facebook stock, and $ 3 billion in restricted shares to WhatsApp employees over the next four years. By this acquisition many of outside people have think this bonding as a brain death by Mark Zuckerberg. But it’s actually a bold decision making by him and its end up looking brilliant. These acquisitions make the company position stronger and accelerate their growth. There have several motive behind Facebook acquired

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