The Importance Of Moral Courage In The Holocaust

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Imagine if you were a kid that was unable to leave an awful place they called a camp, who had lost all of your possessions, including your own mother and father. What else can they take? They wished there was someone on this earth, caring enough to take tortured children and place them in a home away from evil Nazi’s. Well there is, and it’s called the OSE. Let’s begin by comparing the OSE to moral courage and how they display how much courage humans really have. In fact, we will see how it relates back to the very terrible holocaust. Finally, by examining how the OSE is still an astounding example of moral courage, playing a huge role in the holocaust, and how it has had such an impact on my life, it is clear that the OSE organization showed tremendous moral courage throughout World War 2. The OSE spent countless amounts…show more content…
They opened over 14 homes, saving over 1,200 children. “This life-saving work was done with help from non-Jewish persons and institutions”(Gossels and Wetherell 1). This work alone exemplifies the amount of moral courage done by the OSE on a daily basis. The Jews were hated during this era of World War 2 and yet so many people found the right will in their hearts to make an attempt to save these infant prisoners of war. “This is a story of courage and determination, a story of sacrifice, loyalty and dedication”(D’lzieu, Maison 1). The OSE displays moral courage in many more ways than one. The organization alone saved nearly 1,300 innocent children who were harmed more than words can describe. As Bea Karp explains, the OSE moved her 14 times in a

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