The Importance Of Knowledge In The World

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Oftenly, with knowledge, we’re able to recognize things and people around the world. The more we gain knowledge, the more things and people we’d be able to recognize in the world. For example: if we gain knowledge about how an apple looks like, the next time we see an apple, we’re easily able to recognize that apple as an apple. With knowledge, we’re able to understand how and why things work in the world, too. The more we gain knowledge, the more things we could understand how and why they work in the world. That’s why we learn. To recognize things, and to understand why and how they work in the world. For example: by learning economics, we’d be able to understand how goods are being produced and distributed. Since there are…show more content…
Janna Levin, the professor of astronomy and physics, declares that “Mathematics transcends all cultures and binds us.” Alan Bishop, who has specialized in mathematics and cultural values, has identified 6 forms of mathematical ideas spanning vastly different cultures: counting, locating, measuring, designing, playing, and explaining. Bishop also emphasizes the rich variety of mathematical thinking worldwide: there are hundreds of different counting systems to be found now, using different symbols, objects and materials. Maths is found everywhere in life. Even though there might be many different symbols all around the world, but their functions and calculations remain the same. Maths is very valuable in our life. We use maths everyday for many different areas of knowledge. Maths is there to help us calculating things, and many areas of knowledge involve calculating. Thus, applied mathematics is considered to be very valuable in the world. However, pure mathematics is so important in building axioms for the applied mathematics. Without pure formula or number theory, we don’t understand how maths is used in its application to the

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