The Heroic Journey Of Dorothy In The Wizard Of Oz

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Do you really know what your home actually is to you? A home to someone may just be a place to sleep, or a place to relax at. On the other hand, a home may be a house full of memories showcasing the dedication, or the love you had for others. That being said, finding what your home really means to you is how almost how you look at things in life. With the aspects including the brain, the gut, and the heart. Such as the occurrence of the girl named Dorothy in the movie of The Wizard of Oz. This one of a kind movie depicts the heroic journey of Dorothy finding her way back home, but also discovering what home really means to her. The opening scene is quite simple with Dorothy doing chores and then talking to her uncle workers. Then the scene…show more content…
They land at what is called munchkinland and they are instantly praised by the munchkins and are looked upon as heroes. Due to that, the house killed the evil witch of the east. However, by doing so they create a enemy called the evil witch of the est. Although, Dorothy just wants to go home and the pleasant witch of the north tells her to go to emerald city to the the wizard of oz. Which is the beginning to her adventure as she must travel the yellow brick road to emerald city and see what is yet to…show more content…
Luckily, the witch of the north persuades Dorothy that in order for you to go back home you must follow the yellow brick road to the wizard of oz. Since there were limited options Dorothy took her advice and accepted the quest to the wizard of oz. With everything being said, this shows how at first Dorothy wanted to refuse the call to adventure but later on new she must accept the fact that she must go on the adventure. As Dorothy and Toto follow the yellow brick road they meet three new friends, who you could call mentors. They first meet the scarecrow who desperately wants a brain and joins Dorothy and Toto to emerald city. Later on they meet the tin man who desires a heart, and also joins in with Dorothy to emerald city. Last but not least, they find the cowardly lion who is in need of courage. Little do they know, on the way to emerald city they all show how they actually had of what they wanted this whole time. Which then teaches Dorothy to think with her heart, her brain, and with her

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