The Haunted House In Salem's Lot By Stephen King

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From chilling hotels to strange towns, Stephen King has been able to scare us all with simple everyday things. At the end of The Shining they leave everyone with a quick last words from Jack that just tear at the heart. He tells his son he loves him before they escape and the hotel blows up from a faulty boiler. In the beginning of Salem’s Lot we meet a young author named Ben who came back to his old town to try and write a book about the old, abandoned house that someone was murdered in. In this paper I will be clarifying, questioning, and predicting. Months later, the group is relaxing at a resort. I will clarify what they will be doing next. Wendy is planning to move out towards the east to find herself a new job to support Danny. Danny is still heartbroken about his father. “You’re missin your dad, aren’t you? (King 656)”. Halloran comes over to talk to them about what their plan for the future will be. They have insurance money left over from Jack, though Wendy wants to save it for Danny when he’s old enough to go to collage. Both of them wish they could delete the whole incident from their minds.…show more content…
I think it’s more than just some normal house. It might be haunted. As Ben and Susan are talking, the both bring up the Marsten house, a house that supposedly was owned by a crazy man named Hubert Marsten. He murdered Birdie Marsten, his own wife before hanging himself and causing his own demise. Fight before he died he had set traps all over the house to kill or injury anyone who might have come in. When Ben was little, he had wandered into the house to take something from it. Back then he remembers seeing a ghost of sorts. “Hubie was hanging there, and his face wasn’t black at all (King

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