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“The Hangover” Evaluation “The Hangover,” filmed in 2009 and directed by Todd Phillips was a great movie. The movie is about a bachelor party in Las Vegas, NV, gone terribly wrong. Doug, Phil, Stu, and Alan are the main characters. All of the main characters are about 30 years old and are from Los Angeles, CA. Doug is the groom-to-be who plans to marry Tracy (bride-to-be) after the weekend is over. Phil and Stu are Doug’s two best fiends. Alan is Tracy’s younger brother who is going on the trip with Doug, Phil, and Stu. Alan is an odd and unpredictable character. The movie starts with a flashback (day after the bachelor party). In this scene, Phil is speaking to Tracy about why the four men are not back in Los Angeles for the wedding.…show more content…
They are driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Doug, Phil, Stu and Alan arrive in Las Vegas, and go to Caesars Palace (a hotel and casino) where they are staying. Once they unpack, they start to drink alcoholic beverages on the rooftop of the hotel. Then, the movie goes right to the morning. Phil, Stu and Alan wake up and realize Doug is not with them and they have no memory of the previous night. The rest of the movie they have to retrace their steps from the previous night to find Doug. They find a lot of clues and meet a lot of people that lead them back to Doug. Some clues are the baby, the tiger, and a satchel (Alan and Mr. Chow carry one). At the end of the movie they find Doug and have rush back to Los Angeles. The movie, “The Hangover”, is a great movie for college students to watch…show more content…
Everything about this movie involves humor. The funny aspects involve the storyline, the dialogue, and the clues. The storyline is funny because each clue leads to another clue and the clues keep getting more bizarre. Phil, Stu, and Alan find a baby in the hotel room and it is hilarious because there is no reason a baby should be with them or in a casino. The dialogue is funny because Phil and Stu are always arguing with Alan because he is unpredictable and his comments are unintelligent. When they arrive to Caesars Palace, Alan says, “You probably get this a lot. This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it?” (32) This quote is funny because it is obvious that the hotel and casino is not Julius Cesar’s palace. Alan is one of the funniest and most unpredictable characters in this movie. Alan is unpredictable because toward the end of the movie Phil and Stu find out that he put Rohypnl (a drug) in their drinks when they were all on the roof. Rohypnl is a drug that causes memory loss. Rohypnl was the reason why no one could remember what happened the previous night. The clues to finding Doug are funny because they are unrealistic. For example, they find a tiger in their hotel suite. The tiger is Mike Tyson’s and they have to return it to him in their car. Once they get the tiger to Mike Tyson, he shows them the security tapes from the night before. The security tapes show Doug was still with them at

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