Mary E. Lyons Letters From A Slave Girl

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From fleeing search patrols to hiding from the world, Harriet Jacobs will do anything for freedom. Letters from a Slave Girl, by Mary E. Lyons is the story of a slave girl Harriet Jacobs and her journeys for freedom. In her sojourns she has her execrable master, Dr. Norcum who harasses her and treats her like she has no say in her life. Harriet runs away from her family and has to live life without seeing and being close with her children. Harriet will do anything for her freedom some of the things she does is run away from her master and hide away in a crawl space for years. If the freedom I have was threatened by any matter I would stand up to the power or leave the place that my freedom was taken. One of the actions that Harriet does to keep her freedom is run away from her abusive master Dr. Norcum. Consequences of doing this would be leaving her family and Gran for years without talking to them. Then her she would be leaving her children and “ . . . going to make me miserable the short time I got left to live.” (Lyons 67) The whole african american population in the town would be under the pressure…show more content…
She had to deal with the fear of being caught daily and every time those “ . . . White folks lies, to scare is niggers . . .” (76) When they lied to scare the runaway african american into coming out of their hiding and falling into the whites trap. While she was hiding for years she was not able to see her children for years and watch them grow up. The most that she would see “ I can hear Joseph and Louisa playing only a few feet away on the piazza.”(87) Harriet said. She could hear the lovely voices of her children but could not embrace them. Another suffering that Harriet would have to go through is she would worry about everyone but she could not stand up or help them. Harriet would have to deal with all of that pain to finally experience

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