Erzsébeth Báthory: Serial Killers In Renaissance Times

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It is an undeniable fact that those with high social statuses have received special treatment for hundreds of years. The Renaissance time period was very familiar with this type of inequality. The nobles and merchants of this time were corrupt and used their power to only benefit themselves. The middle and lower class civilians did not know what it was like to have the luxuries that the higher classes had. Aristocrats were respected better than commoners no matter what they did in order preserve their noble status. Erzsébeth Báthory was one of these aristocrats who was treated remarkably well due to her noble status. Erzsébeth was given special treatment as an aristocrat even though she became one of the most infamous serial killers in history. Erzsébeth Báthory was born on August 7, 1560 to two prestigious parents. Her mother, Anna, belonged to the first group of high nobility who supported the reformation in Hungary. Erzsébeth’s parents participated in inbreeding which could be the possible cause of her mental issues she experienced throughout her life. Due to her family’s high nobility status Erzsébeth was well…show more content…
It wasn’t until Erzsébeth murdered an aristocrat in 1609 and tried to stage it as a suicide did the authorities decide to step in. Official arrested Erzsébeth and put her family friend, György Thurzó, in charge of watching her at her fortress. Though György reported to officials that he only came across one corpse they did not believe him because he was Erzsébeth’s friend and had reason to protect her. During Erzsébeth’s hearing officials began their own search of her fortress and were stunned by what they found. One of the lieutenants noted that there were bodies scattered all over with most lacking arms and eyes and one body was blackened but not fully burned in the fireplace. Officials had seized enough evidence from Erzsébeth’s fortress and her sentencing soon

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