The Floater Experiment

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The Floater The concept behind this is to extract an emotional response when those unknowing participants are confronted by a scenario of social abnormal behavior. The experiment was designed around the idea that it is socially unacceptable to relieve ones bowels in a swimming pool. Furthermore, a swimming pool located in a student residential community occupied by others. This experiment was not conducted using real fecal matter, but rather some chocolate from a “twix “ and “ oh hennery ” chocolate bars. These chocolate bars were reconstituted to resemble the appearance of an actual product, therefore permitting the unwilling participants a quality appearance. The appearance had the universal texture, shape and familiarity usually identifiable…show more content…
The package was place in the side pocket of the swim shorts and the grand entrance was made to the swimming pool. I established that it would be only appropriate to encourage as much participation as possible. Therefore, I ran around the deck shouting at the top of my lungs. The sound I was making was that of a turbo sports car a unique mix of deep muffler and turbo boost dumping sounds. After, completing one lap and making sure that all or the majority of the eyes were on me I strategically identified the best place to enter the pool while I was half way through the lap. Initially the idea was to spring into the air gracefully and like a collapsing glacial shelf of ice crash into the water, however my final thought was that that would be expected. Therefore, to encourage the continued maximum participation from my now captivated audience I faked a stumble that causd the shifting of the sun lounger chairs at this point I saw that full attention was now on my absolutely outstanding performance of a human rally car I then jumped on top of one of the loungers and then jumped off of that into the air making sure to spin myself to land as incredibly hard onto the surface of the water to accentuate the splash and keep the attention. However while at some point in between the process of flight and that miserable water landing I established positive contact with the package removed it from its concealed location and brought it into a safe clutch. The crash was painful, so I allowed my body to sink to the bottom of the pool. However, in the process of sinking I effected another strategic maneuver. Having effected the roll so that my face would be facing the bottom of the pool I maneuvered my hand so that were between my legs the released of the contents of the package was a success. I paused for a moment as my body made contact with the bottom of the pool this was a necessary calculated step to give the package time to reach the top

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