The Doppelgänger In Gothic Literature

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6. Conclusion As aforementioned, the doppelgänger is a literary theme which had its origin in the folklore and appears in texts of different genres, but especially in Gothic fiction. Freud described this motif as uncanny, as it represents something unknown and unfamiliar or something that is revealed but should have remained hidden (often the result of a repression). In both cases, the doppelgänger makes people anxious and, therefore, creates the perfect atmosphere for a Gothic work. However, until the early 19th century, this figure was an evil spirit or twin haunting the protagonist. It was only due to the growing interest in the complexity of the human mind that the double came “to be seen as an aspect of the psyche,” often but not always…show more content…
When Matilda reveals herself a woman, he cannot dominate his manly urges and breaks his vow of chastity. Nevertheless, he does not intend to leave the abbey to become a normal man, because his reputation of sanctity would be destroyed. Therefore, he hypocritically keeps playing the role of the “holy man,” without renouncing to sexual pleasure. Within Ambrosio’s mind, there are two separate identities which fight to dominate and which he has no control on, and, in the end, the darker side wins. It leads Ambrosio to be obsessed with Antonia, insomuch as he ends up committing murder and rape in order to satisfy his…show more content…
At first, she introduces herself as the shy novice Rosario, then she reveals her gender and her real name, but maintains her apparent submissive disposition. In this way, she manages to deceive both Ambrosio and the readers. Later on, her personality starts to change and becomes more suspicious, but no one could imagine that she is not a real woman. In fact, she is not even human but a demon. Hence, her two good doppelgängers, Rosario and Matilda, are only an invention to conceal her true evil side. Dorian Gray, unlike Ambrosio has a physical alter ego, but it is a picture. He sells his soul to the Devil to remain young forever, so he can enjoy all the pleasures of life without having to worry to ruin his perfection, because his portrait will become ugly and old instead of him. Therefore, no one can see the results of his dissolute lifestyle, so he continues to appear innocent and handsome, leading people to believe that his soul is as pure as his body. Every action of Dorian, in the novel, is caused by narcissism and vanity, and they eventually lead him to

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