The Dark Knight Compare And Contrast Batman And The Joker

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The movie “The Dark Knight”, released in 2008, and is based on famous DC comic books. The film is about a superhero with no superpowers of any sort; he is just a human being with ordinary skills to fight crime in Gotham City. In The Dark Knight, there are many characters that has cast in the movie, but there is two main characters that have made the movie interesting and what unique traits they have as the movie characters. The characters are Heath Andrew Ledger as “The Joker” and Christian Charles Philip Bale as “The Batman”. To include there is more than one message that the movie is sending to their viewers. Finally, the plot of this movie revolves around terrorism, love, and revenge. The two main characters that were very important in the film “The Dark Knight” is the Batman and The Joker. The film is no ordinary tale containing good and evil. Yes, the Batman is the good guy and of course the Joker is an evil person, but there is more to that. Example is the Batman is a little more complex…show more content…
There are multiple examples where these plots play a role in the movie. For the terrorism, majority of it is caused by The Joker like the bank robbery in the beginning of the movie, the attempt to kidnap Harvey Dent on the highway, national T.V threats and the explosion of the hospital. For the love, majority of it falls between Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes they are deeply in love to the point where if one of them lost each other they will turn to something else like Harvey Dent. Finally for the revenge, it mostly revolves around the Batman, and Harvey Dent; Batman wanted to catch the Joker to pay for the crimes he has committed to hurt mentally break him and Gotham City; for Harvey Dent all he wanted is to live in a world that can be “Fair”, but since he lost his love one all he could do is damage the justice system because he thought it was not “Fair” that he was saved and not his love one Rachel

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