The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Analysis

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The first example in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime that revealed Christopher’s rebellious attitude, is when Christopher finds a loophole around his father’s instructions. Subsequently, Christopher tells his father that he is writing a book about the murder of Wellington, the neighbor’s black poodle. His father becomes angry and insists that Christopher must not do five things. The five rules that he commanded Christopher to follow were; not mention Mr. Shears name in the house, not ask Mrs. Shears about who killed that bloody dog, no trespassing in other people's gardens, and stop this ridiculous bloody detective game. Still Christopher finds ways around his father’s rules. This shows how Christopher is being a rebel, and…show more content…
Because he didn’t clarify what letters he was reading and the fact that they were off limits, shows that Christopher is rebellious. The right thing for Christopher to do was to consult his father before reading all the letters and drawing his own conclusions. However, he is a defiant and does the wrong thing even if he knows it’s not right. This shows Christopher’s rebellious nature and how he is willing to rebel against a higher power in order to discover new things. Since Christopher is rebellious, he struggles in doing what he is told, and what is necessarily right. A fourth example of Christopher being rebellious is when he runs away and hides from a policeman. Christopher does this because this police officer came onto the train to take him back to his father in Swindon. Once caught, Christopher goes to the bathroom and hides there so the police officer cannot find him. This is another prime example of Christopher being insubordinate, because he refuses to listen to jurisdiction. Christopher acts very rebellious in this situation because, he refuses to listen to what the police officer is telling him to
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