The Contents Of The Dead Man's Pocket

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The three short stories, “The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket”, “ The Monkey’s Paw”, and “The Gift of the Magi” show how the choices of people reveal their values and personality. The main characters of these stories makes rash, ignorant but careful, and heartwarming choices that that reflected their values and desires. To begin with, Bob, the main character of the story, “The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket”, makes an impulsive decision that reveals his value of work, success, and fame. When his wife asks Bob if he wanted to go watch a newly showing movie, he rejects her because he wants to work on his new proposal that might bring him all success, fame, and money. The paper that contains his months of work flows out the window and onto the ledge causing him to make a regrettable decision. Without thinking, he climbs out of the window to chase after his hard work. While he is on the ledge chasing after the paper, he accidentally looks down triggering his brain to finally feel fear and think about his rash decision. Experiencing his near death event, Tom realizes that he shouldn’t value work, success, and fame as much as his own family. His first rash decision shows that he is capricious and impulsive. When Tom makes it back into his house, he goes out of the house to chase after his wife. The paper flew…show more content…
Della and Jim are a poor married couple, but when Christmas eve came, they couldn’t pass it without giving a gift to each other. As an individual choice, Della decides to sell her most treasured possession, her beautiful hair, to buy her husband a meaningful present, while Tom sells his most treasured possession, his grandfather’s pocket watch. Their choices to sell their highly treasured possession to buy a meaningful gift for each other reveals that they truly love and value each

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