The Boundless Sociological Analysis

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The social problem that I chose to write on is one that really hits close to home, in my family and many others and that’s drugs abuse. Drug abuse is a major problem throughout the country and world, and one that is disregarded a lot. Countless people who have a drug problem are using to disguise another problem, whether medical or emotional, that they have not dealt with or are not willing to deal with. Drug abuse is something that can wreck a family quicker than most think, simply because the person using tends to alienate themselves from the rest of the family. Many people don’t realize that drugs come in many shapes and sizes from prescription drugs to illegal drugs, which can make it hard to tell if someone is using, simply because there…show more content…
It’s something that they surround themselves with and thus become curious enough to try it. They see their so called friends using drugs, buying drugs and objects used for drugs and because they surround themselves with that it becomes the norm to that person or group. Drugs are generally viewed by certain age groups as being cool, and will use drugs to try and fit in with a certain group. Symbolic interactionism is a theoretical approach to understanding the relationship between humans and society. Boundless. “The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective.” Boundless Sociology. Boundless, 27 Jun. 2014. Retrieved 21 Nov. 2014 from Symbol interactionist sees the people using the drugs on a micro-level meaning that the person is making his or her own decisions. The person knows that it’s wrong, but are willing to go ahead. This is not always the case, but more often than not, the person makes a conscious choice to try and use drugs. There are many symbols out there that appeal to drug use that we don’t realize, from the store selling smoking pipes for tobacco use only, to all the information you can find on the internet. It does make drug use seem cool, and the people using do know that it’s not safe, but once addicted they don’t care. People who use drugs tend to group together, the recognize people who use drugs that others wouldn’t know use drugs, thus bringing the users together through a common bond. Drugs can have a meaning for someone, such as in someone who has depression drugs might make them feel better. Us as humans have a different way of responding to different things, many of us view drugs as wrong but to the drug users they view drugs in a positive light. We also influence the meanings

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