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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ornithopter What is an ornithopter? Was there anyone before the Wright Brothers who dreamed of flight? These questions are not uncommon for a person to wonder. The purpose of this document is to answer these questions and investigate Leonardo Da Vinci’s ornithopter. This paper will also discover who Leonardo Da Vinci was, what his studies were based on, the designs of his flying machine, how the flying machine could have history, and when flight was made into a miracle by Christ will be addressed in this paper. Who is Leonardo Da Vinci? Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, polymath, sculptor, architect, and musician. Along with these talents he drew many sketches as a painter and architect. He made one such design…show more content…
He studied birds obsessively. He most likely detailed the wings with bird features. Once he finished studying he created many designs. In all Leonardo Da Vinci created five-hundred sketches. Among with these came designs for the ornithopter. Many, many intricate designs. Leonardo was a genius in creating beautiful and detailed designs. He created man powered machines. The man sitting in the machine would have several tasks. He would have to work pulleys on the ornithopter, and would have to control the delicate machine. The machine was very small. It had only a twenty foot wingspan. That is about the size of a backyard swimming pool! The machine would have been much smaller than an airplane. Clearly, the ornithopter was small but diligent. But, how could the ornithopter effect history? The ornithopter could have affected the present day world and Leonardo Da Vinci’s world long ago. This “Renaissance Man” made a machine so detailed and amazing, it is sad it was never made. The flying machines bird -like features could have helped people travel faster. Leonardo Da Vinci’s talents would have most likely made this machine so much more durable. The ornithopter could have been a large success. Quickly, Leonardo Da Vinci could have changed the world for the

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