The Birth Mark Nathaniel Hawthorne Analysis

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In “The Birth-Mark” , the author Nathaniel Hawthorne, perceived his main character, Aylmer as a desperate man fulfilled with ideas and wishes in changing life in nature, showing his love for science. Not only did Aylmer have love for science but also for his partner, Georgiana. However, according to Aylmer, Georgiana had a “defect” that changed his perspective of her and sooner than later drove Georgiana to the same level. Georgiana was very accepting of her birthmark but became confused after her own husband, Aylmer, decided to tell her she would be perfect if it were removed. Something that no loved women would of liked to hear, therefore, I wouldn’t blame Georgiana if her thoughts became crazy from so many people having an opinion of her birthmark. Men who chased her thought of her birthmark very attractive as if it were a “token of magic endowments that were to give her such sway over all hearts”(Hawthorne pg.213). Yet, other people thought the same as her husband. Which led to Georgiana’s choice of letting her husband remove the hideous “deformity”(Hawthorne pg.215) mark as she became too see it to.…show more content…
Instead of loving his wife from whom she was, he was haunted by the small defect of the birthmark. Who’d ever do that to the person they loved?, I know I wouldn't. It’s like going up to someone and telling them “Hey, you're ugly, you should go to a doctor to get your face fixed.” Although Aylmer wanted to change his wife, I don’t think he realizes that you can’t control nature from science. Until the end of his experiments when he becomes to realize he couldn't play god. “My noble wife, I knew not the height and the depth of your nature until now. This crimson hand has clutched its grasps into your being with strength of which I had no previous conception”(Hawthorne pg.

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