The Bible Feminist Analysis

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The Bible and Feminism Many Feminists have leveled criticisms at various parts of the Bible over the years. One of the most often criticized passages is the story of creation from the book of Genesis. This criticism is a result of a belief on their part that the creation story depicts women as being inferior to men. While it may seem easy to say this, and it may in fact even be true, there are a number of reasons to question this argument. In this paper, I will explain the most common feminist criticism of the Bible and raise several objections to it. The Feminists argument focuses on the creation of the first woman in Genesis. According to the book of Genesis this is how the first woman was created “So the Lord God caused a deep sleep…show more content…
In fact it is the second such account, with the first passage simply stating “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). This contradicts the second depiction of humanities creation because it shows man and woman created at the same time instead of separately. It would seem then that if one was to seek to draw a conclusion about the entire Bible then these contradictory accounts would become a major problem. It would seem that the Bibles description of man’s creation from dust contradicts the Feminist argument that women are inferior to men because of how they were created. A feminist might argue in response to this that while there argument does not hold true in regards to things made from nonliving things, it does hold true in regards to living things. For example children are created from a part of each of their parents and are considered to be under the authority of their parents. In this way they are inferior to what they were created from in the same way that the first woman was to the first

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