Life Of Pi And Big Fish Essay

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Life of Pi and Big Fish Understanding the movie Big Fish helps the understanding of an important theme in the book Life of Pi because both pieces have the important theme of storytelling and beliefs. The movie Big Fish follows Edward Bloom a man dying of cancer and his son William bloom, who returned after 3 years of not speaking to his father. Edward loves telling stories which seem unreal to his son but really just played up versions of the adventures his father had throughout his life. In Life of Pi we follow Pi Patel and his supposed journey with a zebra, tiger and orangutan after a he was the only survivor from the sinking of a ship him and his family were travelling on. The movie Big Fish shows how storytelling applies to life.…show more content…
The final question is posed to the author, calls attention both to fact that this story is being told through an intermediary, and to the arbitrariness of the telling-the book does indeed have hundreds of chapters, and it would seem that the reason was a simple change from Pi. Similarly, Pi’s injunction that “we must give things meaningful shape” connects two of the novels prominent themes, storytelling and belief in God. He believes that the act of storytelling, of giving things shape, can apply in life too, and thus one can shape one’s own story in the most beautiful way by believing in…show more content…
Big Fish helps us see this because when William believed his dad everything changed for him just like Pi kept living because of his belief in God. In both pieces the key theme is storytelling. In both stories each character has something that is a piece of them. In Big Fish for Edward Bloom is was a giant catfish that he turned into at the end of the movie. For Pi it was Richard Parker. These elements the telling of the story and what happens in the story would be different and not as interesting. For example when Pi

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