Terrorism In James Merrill's Poem 'Casual Wear'

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Terrorism What is a terrorist, who are they, and how can you spot one? In the poem “Casual Wear” by James Merrill, he talks about the difference between the average tourist and the average terrorist. Mr. Merrill makes the claim that “Your average tourist: fifty./ 2.3 times married. Dressed, this year, in Ferdi Plinthbower”(1-2). Mr. Merrill then makes the claim that the average terrorist is “Twenty-five. Celibate. No use for trends,/ At least not clothing.”(6-7) To try and put the word “terrorist” into such an “all inclusive” category based on clothing and age does not really explain what a terrorist is. If you ask the average American what a terrorist is, in most cases the first word that will come out of their mouth is “Muslim”, however according…show more content…
By the very definition, it does not mention anything about clothing or religion, only the act of using violence and intimidation. The common belief that all terrorists are of the Muslim faith is also false. Terrorist are usually made from an intense hate for someone or something. Most of them feel that they have been wronged in some way and the only way they can get their “justice” or “revenge” is by making a statement so large that everyone will turn their head and notice. According to CNS news, 70% of all terrorist murders in 2011 were caused by Sunni Muslim “extremist” worldwide, however according to the very definition of what terrorism is; should war in the name of politics also count in calculating these deaths? The United States of America, which is predominantly of the Christian faith, has conducted two separate wars starting in 2001, and according to the organization Unknown News there have been 2,540,687 Iraqi and Afghan troops and civilians either killed or seriously injured since 2001. It would be very easy to argue that these staggering numbers are the very reason why Sunni Muslims are willing to give up their lives in order to strike fear into the hearts of their

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