Territorial Expansion Dbq Essay

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As territorial expansion grew many of the federalist and anti-federalists for debating if it was constitutional for territorial expansion in Document A we see an for the anti-federalist they didn’t want territorial expansion because they that Spain will have another grip on them”…no sis pain Spain will still border on our southern frontier and so long as Spain occupies that country we are not secure from the attempts of another nation more world like and ambitious.” This document shows the worry of the federalist not wanting Spain to have another grip on them. Their doubts from the observation of the federal constitution does not authorize territorial acquisition from belief that the united states was no longer safe of acquiring this large territory and from fear that countries eastern states will become less important as…show more content…
More than 2/3 of the House of Representatives wanted war on June 4th, 1812. Most of the supporters coming from the south and west and most opponents coming from northeast and some from Virginia and Maryland. All of the congressmen from Pennsylvania, Georgia, and South Carolina and from west of the Appalachian Mountains voted for war. Document C is supporter and opponent since the Indians played on both sides. On an 1820 report on American aborigines Lewis Cass expressed a belief that the Cherokee Nation made no progress and improving its society despite the contact with “civilized people”. He argued the lack of improvement cannot be laid at the feet of the Europeans but must contribute to inherently inferior civilizations. White Americans regarded native peoples, including the Cherokee, as inferior and blamed them for their inferior position because they hadn’t benefited from close contact with the

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