Tension In Jonestown

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JONESTOWN is a dramatic, character driven story that tells the harrowing and compelling story of Jim Jones and the rise and fall of Jonestown. The story of Jim Jones is not new to the industry, yet it remains an enthralling and disturbing story that continues to captive the audience. The script is well written and appears to be true and authentic to the facts. Although one already knows the story of Jim Jones and the ending, the script still does an absorbing job of building a foreboding tone, as it reaches the climax massacre. The script does a powerful job of creating a sense of terror and fear. With this said, the main concern is that the script seems to tell the story that the audience already knows. It doesn’t really offer the audience anything new that hasn’t been told before. Consider if there are other ways to tell this story that offers a different point of view. Currently,…show more content…
Consider focusing more on the manipulation and power Jim Jones has over Bethany and her slow realization that there’s something wrong. Even elevate the tension and suspense of Bethany snooping around, to elevate the threat of discovery. This will escalate the tension. Emphasize and foreshadow his aversion for anyone who betrays him. Give the audience the sense that Bethany might be caught and that the consequences are horrifying. Bethany becomes a bit too independent and strong too early vs. sounding like an impressionable teen. Right now, the story is presented as an epic tale that spans many years, beginning when Jim Jones is 8 years old, and ending with his death. The script does a good job of showing what appears to be a rational Jim Jones, who believes in what he preaches, but then slowly he becomes more paranoid and mentally unstable. There’s no doubt that the character of Jim Jones is a fascinating and complex character. This is definitely a role that is

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