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This book report is a brief summary that highlights The Human Body: Accident or Design? by Wayne Jackson. Jackson’s book revolves around the “Law of Teleology”, a “principle of logic” that says, “Where there is design, there must be a designer.” He uses this principle (which is accepted even among skeptics and unbelievers) to establish that God does, in fact, exist. By looking at the humans, Jackson gives proofs that design is clearly seen in our bodies, therefore proving the existence of God. Before he begins looking at these evidences, Jackson first defines design as “the arrangement of individual components within an object so as to accomplish a functional or artistic purpose.” Based on this definition, Jackson’s formally stated argument…show more content…
He begins with the skin system, which is made up of “the skin layers, the glands, and the hair and nails.” All three of these contain evidences of design and work together harmoniously to protect the body from bacteria, retain the body’s liquids, shield the body from solar radiation, provide sensation to “touch, cold, heat, pain, and pressure”, eliminate waste, cool the body, and “lubricate the skin”. These amazing functions are all completed by the intelligently designed skin system. Jackson finishes this chapter by describing the perfect harmony with which the skeletal and muscular systems work together to provide protection and mobility to the human…show more content…
Jackson shows the amazing complexity, integration, and functionality of this vital system, all of which prove that it could only exist through design. The centerpiece of this system, the brain, is nothing short of awesome. It possesses an incredibly amount of storage capacity that is comparable to “a vast library”, and its complexity dwarfs that of even the most computers man has created. The sensory organs (eyes, ears, etc.) found in this system also show evidence of design. Seeing that these organs are far superior to their man-made counterparts (which, by the way, were obviously designed), it is clear that these were designed by an intelligent being

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