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The Tempest Research Assignment 1. Describe the political environment in Italy during the 1500’s. It was a good period; there were a lot of cultural changes and big achievements. Naples and Papal States were created by city-states and they had the same amount of power over everyone. Politics was complicated in Milan, and Venice. Families would destroy each other in order to have as much political power as they can, at some points they would even kill each other. They will get capital but they could lose it easily as getting it. There was a lot of tension between cities and states so that they could get political power. They wanted to control everything and everyone. http://www.historytoday.com/jon-cook/why-renaissance-why-florence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_Renaissance 2. Describe the cities of Milan and Naples during the 1500’s. Milan controlled the Po river valley. Milan was a strong city-state when dukes came to control it. it was a strong military state. There was a Visconti who had passed away and they wanted to make them as a republic but unfortunately it didn’t work out. Francesco seized to have power and took over. Naples was an important place to roman society. Naples had a lot of nice architecture and art that it had left behind in the past. Naples was considered the capital of cultural values.…show more content…
What was the motivation/reason for England and other European countries to begin to colonize other countries? The motivation that England and other European countries began to colonize other places might have been because they wanted to find new trade routes. They wanted to develop new industries. They also wanted to settle down and start new colonies. The population kept growing and there was lot of diseases going on so they wanted to expand from each other. They wanted to meet new cultures exchange the different types of plants and animals that they had discovered. They wanted to find a cure for the new diseases they were

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