Benedick In William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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The play starts as Leonato; a respectable nobleman who lives in a place called Messina in Sicily, awaits soldiers from John Pedro’s army such as Count Claudio and Signor Benedick. However, Leonato’s niece Beatrice clearly is not looking forward to seeing Benedick. She refuses to accept her feelings for him and does clever insults towards him. When the army arrives, John Pedro and Leonato politely greet each other while Beatrice and Benedick resume their undisturbed arguments that they have carried on in their past. Meanwhile, Claudio falls in love at first sight with a well-mannered young lady called Hero, the daughter of Leonato. He teases to marry her and asks Benedick for his opinions. Benedick acts the way he always does by disagreeing…show more content…
Hero tells Margaret to run and get Beatrice to the orchard so that she can overhear their conversation with Ursula. After overhearing Hero and Ursula’s straightforward conversation, Beatrice eats the bait as well and starts to build up some sympathy towards Benedick. A sympathy which includes love. Afterwards Leonato, Don Pedro and Claudio find Benedick and they make fun of him as if he’s in love. Benedick does not deny it and he wishes to have a private conversation with Leonato. When Benedick and Leonato leave the scene, the first step of the evil game Don John has prepared for Claudio begins as he tells that Hero has been unfaithful to him. Claudio can not believe what he hears at first but he starts to become suspicious as Don John claims that he has enough proof to change his mind. Furthermore, Dogberry and Verges who are in charge of the watchmen assign one of their man as the constable of the night. Later in the night, Conrade and Borachio were accidentally standing in the hearing range from the constable. The constable heard the story of how Borachio earned hundred ducats from briefly, calling Margaret Hero. So the constable arrests them. On the other hand, Hero is getting dressed up for the wedding day with the help of Margaret. Beatrice, who joins them has caught a cold and acts oddly. Margaret mentions that Benedick is madly in love to Beatrice before Ursula arrives to take Hero to the
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