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The problem of teenage pregnancy in the United States • Introduction Teen pregnancy is a general situation and a social issue of every country in the world. The increase in teen pregnancy is very high nowadays. Particularly in the United States, statistic shows that 3 out of 10 American teen girls get pregnant at least once before age 20 and that's nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. Teen pregnancy happens more often due to the lack of sex education and the impact of the media. It is a serious issue that may negatively impact teen mothers, their babies, and the society. Therefore, this paper will address the problems of teen pregnancy in the United States and propose methods for solving them. • Situation The topic of teenage pregnancy…show more content…
That is one of the factors leading to teen pregnancy. The sexuality education is not only help teenager provide knowledge about sex and sexuality, but the important thing that is build the correct conception about role and responsibility of men and woman in marital, family and society. in particular, inconsistent use of birth control. Teens may use birth control to help prevent teen pregnancy, but most do not use contraceptives consistently. A sexually active teen that does not use any birth control has a 90 percent chance of becoming pregnant within a year. Sexual appetites pass quickly, temporarily, while the true love will always live…show more content…
Pregnancy in adolescence negative will impact on the health of the young mother because their bodies are still not fully developed. The professionals reproductive health care said that the girls in adolescents who aged from 13 to 19 years old, when pregnancy are at higher risk of preterm birth is 93% than the mature women. The mortality rate of children born from adolescent mothers is higher than the mothers who gave birth in adulthood. -Second, when pregnant, they suffer disruption of learning and often face economic difficulties. Teen pregnancy and childbearing bring substantial social and economic costs through immediate and long-term impacts on teen parents and their children. In 2011, teen pregnancy and childbirth accounted for at least $9.4 billion of U.S. taxpayers to increased health care and foster care. Only about 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma when they are 22, compared with approximately 90% of women who had not given birth during adolescence .The children of teenage mothers are more likely to have lower school achievement and drop out of high school and have problems about health more. And the daughters of teen mothers are 22 percent more likely than their peers to become teen

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