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Team Logo- “SUNRISE” The members of team 54 come from different backgrounds and even different parts of the world. Each member having their own experiences and their obstacles in life, but there is one thing we all have in common. Team 54 is made up of the youngest members of their family. The figures around the circle are the members of team 54. The variety of colors represents the youth within us, and the circle represents our unity. Youth is the future (YIF). 1. Team Leader/Roles For our contract assignment, we have decided to vote Secilia Soto to be our group leader. We also selected Ranndy Peng as a co-leader. The leader’s duties are to assign each group member a task for each assignment. The leader is also the one who in charge of arranging and scheduling virtual meetings, making sure that everybody is clear, and updating any important information to the team members. Gabriel…show more content…
Timeline and Key Responsibilities After our first face-to-face virtual meeting, we decided to break the assignment into smaller segments, and we assigned responsibilities for each member of the team that will stay the same throughout the semester. The following is each group member’s responsibilities. Secilia Soto- Group leader, Assign task/ schedule meetings/ assigned section/ edit paper Ranndy Peng- Co-leader/ help coordinate/ change formats (pdf)/ assigned section/ edit paper Gabriel Ruvalcaba- Record meetings/ upload to blackboard/ assigned section/ edit paper Shuyany (Randy) Shi- Backup paper/ Submit paper/ assigned section/ edit paper Jeaneth Ortiz- Back up paper/ submit paper/ assigned section/ edit paper. Each assignment is to be finished and ready to be submitted at least one day prior to the due date. 3. Consequences It is crucial that all team members understand and follow this team contract. If the group member is slacking off or not completing assigned task the following steps will be followed. 1. Reach out to team member/ Find out reason/ Give 24 hrs. to

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