Tanning Informative Speech

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Over the years, we’ve all been told how bad indoor tanning is. But is it really? I don’t know about you, but never have I heard a positive fact about tanning. The most common thing I hear about tanning, is that it gives you skin cancer. Would companies still continue to keep their business open if they knew their service causes cancer? Or have I been hearing myths my entire life? After doing my research, I found out it isn't true. 98.4% of skin cancer is hereditary, and the other 1.6% is sun over exposure. Which leads you to ask, isn't the 1.6% from tanning beds? No, thats why you are limited to so many minutes per day. You are risking your self for sun exposure if you're outside in the sun all day; without any sunscreen. That’s why to avoid over exposure the state regulations require at least 12-24 hours between sessions.…show more content…
Vitamin D itself has been attributed to the prevention of plenty of diseases including PMS, colon cancer, breast cancer, Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, and etc. Not only does tanning help your body produce vitamin D; eczema, psoriasis, and even jaundice can all be treated effectively by a regimen of controlled indoor tanning. Jaundice is a condition where skin coloration becomes yellowed and unsightly: tanning of course will darken the skin over time and result in a more natural coloration for the affected patient. Eczema is an inflammation of the epidermis and regular indoor tanning has also been known to reduce flare-ups of itchy, dry and flaky skin associated with the

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